Who can submit to Land-Grant Press?
Clemson Extension agents, specialists and University scientists are all encouraged to submit publications. Authors from outside of Clemson are also welcome to submit with a co-author from Clemson University.

How do I connect with Clemson Extension agents or specialists who might agree to co-author a publication?
Please contact the managing editor, Dawn Anticole White, at dawnw@clemson.edu to help you identify possible co-authors.

What types of submittals are accepted?
Including, but not limited to, fact sheets, bulletins, guides, booklets, short communications, variety / field trial reports and case studies. Full research articles are not included in Land-Grant Press. Please contact the managing editor at dawnw@clemson.edu with any questions about appropriate types of submittals.

How do I prepare a publication and what is the submittal process?
See the For Authors page for guidelines to prepare your publication for submittal. Submittals are accepted through the Clemson Libraries TigerPrints site. Select your program area and then select “Submit Publication” in the left column menu.

What does the peer-review process entail?

  • Authors recommend two or more external (from outside of Clemson) reviewers.
  • Internal reviewers are assigned by the editorial board.
  • Reviewers are asked to submit feedback within two to three weeks (time-sensitive publications can be expedited if advance notice is given).
  • Review feedback is released to the authors through the online review system.
  • If edits are recommended in review feedback, authors return a revision into the system based on review feedback.
  • If a revision is required, authors must make a list of all reviewer comments and explain how they were addressed in the revision.
  • Copy editing is performed on the final version, and authors may be asked to consider final editorial comments before approval to publish is confirmed.
  • Approved publications are posted in the Land-Grant Press repository.

How long does the peer-review process take?
The review process can take anywhere from three to seven weeks depending on the amount of time reviewers and authors take to turn around feedback and revisions. It is our goal to make the process as efficient as possible, and the managing editor will oversee the entire process to identify and address any issues that may be slowing any part of the process up. Authors are always welcome to check in with the managing editor at dawnw@clemson.edu to ask after the status of their submission.