Is my publication appropriate?

Review the qualifications provided in the Land-Grant Press Authorship Decision Tree.

Who can publish?

Land-Grant Press publications provide information that impacts the economy, environment or well-being of South Carolinians. Clemson Extension personnel and University scientists and faculty are all encouraged to submit publications. Authors from outside of Clemson University are welcome to submit with a Clemson co-author. Contact the managing editor to discuss submittal guidance if there is no Clemson co-author.

How do I connect with others who might agree to co-author a publication?

Contact an Extension Program Team Director or the managing editor for assistance with identifying possible co-authors.

What types of submittals are accepted?

Please review the Authorship Decision Tree at the top of this page. Publications should provide practical application for the stakeholder. Research articles are not accepted. If a publication’s content follows the scientific method and includes methods and materials and a results section, it is most likely not an appropriate submittal. Contact the managing editor with any questions about the appropriate type of submittal.

Publications that have been published elsewhere will not be accepted.

How do I prepare a publication, and what is the submittal process?

See the For Authors webpage for instructions on how to prepare your publication for submittal. Submittals are accepted through the Land-Grant Press Collections website in Clemson Libraries TigerPrints digital repository and publishing platform. Select your program team, and then select Submit Publication in the left-column menu.

What does the peer-review process entail?

The entire process includes an initial review phase utilizing three reviewers and a consulting editor, and a final review by the consulting and managing editors.

  • Authors recommend two or more external (from outside of Clemson) reviewers.
  • Internal reviewers are assigned by the editorial board.
  • Reviewers are asked to submit feedback within two to three weeks (time-sensitive publications can be expedited if advance notice is given).
  • Review feedback is released to the authors through the online review system.
  • If a revision is required, authors must make a list of all significant reviewer comments and explain how they were addressed in the revision.
  • Authors upload their revisions back into the system, and a final review is provided by a consulting editor. Additional edits may be required.
  • Final revisions are copyedited, formatted, and uploaded to the Land-Grant Press website, lgpress.clemson.edu.

How long does the peer-review process take?

Reviewers are asked to return feedback within one to two weeks, but the length of the entire process (from submittal to approval and posting) will depend on the time it takes reviewers and authors to turn around feedback and revisions. The managing editor oversees the process to facilitate efficiency and will communicate updates to the author.

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