The Land-Grant Press publishing program provides several publications series dedicated to the needs of various Cooperative Extension stakeholders and academic audiences. The Land-Grant Press mission is to provide research-based, peer-reviewed scholarly work for the purpose of practical application.

The Land-Grant Press repository serves as a partner collection to the Home and Garden Information Center (HGIC) website, hgic.clemson.edu, which provides research-based information on landscaping, gardening, plant health, household pests, food safety and preservation, and nutrition, physical activity and health to homeowner and Master Gardener audiences.

The Land-Grant Press ‘checkmark’ graphic signifies that the publication has been peer-reviewed for quality assurance. The peer-review process for each publication involves at least three reviewers, including Extension agents and specialists, one of which is external to Clemson University. Publications are re-evaluated every five years or as needed.

The Land-Grant Press ‘Time Sensitive’ graphic identifies the publication as one that has been posted immediately without going through the formal peer-review process due to the need for the time-sensitive nature of the content. These types of publications will be revised as needed at a later date into the suitable Land-Grant Press format and put through the formal peer-review process.