For Authors

Is your publication appropriate for Land-Grant Press?

Download the Land-Grant Press Authorship Decision Tree

If your publication is appropriate for the Land-Grant Press outlet, follow the Preparing Your Publication and Steps to Submit sections below. Submittals are accepted through the Clemson Extension TigerPrints site managed by Clemson Libraries.

Contact the managing editor, Dawn Anticole White at or (864) 656-9872, if you have any questions or would like to request assistance with the writing or submittal process.

There are additional writing resources available for Clemson University authors on the Division of Assessment and Scholarship website.

Download the Author Submittal Guide

Preparing Your Publication

  • Co-Author Submittal Form
    If there are multiple authors listed on a publication, all authors must sign the Co-Author Submittal Form, and the signed form must be uploaded with the submittal.
  • Land-Grant Press Template
    Type or transfer the content of your publication into the Land-Grant Press template, which is a Microsoft Word file with preset font styles.
    –  Review the How to Use Styles document for guidance on using the template.
  • Images and Tables
    –  Use the Insert Caption tool in Word to add captions to images and tables.
    –  Do NOT use text boxes to insert any content into.
    –  Add alt text to images and tables for ADA compliance.
    –  Follow the format for tables (example included in the template).
  • References Cited
    –  References must be included when necessary, with a minimum of one.
    –  Reviewers and editors may request that additional references are added.
    –  References are to be included in a References Cited list.
    –  References Consulted or Additional Resources sections may also be included.
  • Style Guides
    –  Follow the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) for writing. Clemson employees have access to CMOS style resources.
    –  Follow the Council of Science Editors (CSE) style for formatting the References Cited list. Clemson employees have access to CSE style resources.
  • Feature Image
     –  Select a feature image to promote your publication on

Steps to Submit

  1. Submit your publication through the Extension Series on the Clemson Libraries TigerPrints website.
  2. Select the relevant Program Area for your publication’s topic.
  3. Select the Submit Publication link in the left sidebar.
  4. Create an account if you do not already have one set up in the TigerPrints repository system. Clemson Employees please note, this is NOT the same login as your Clemson user login, but you can make it the same. If you are creating a new account, you will receive a Confirm Your Account email with an activation link.
  5. Read and accept the terms on the Submission Agreement page.
  6. Fill out the requested information on the submission form (see the Author Submittal Guidance document for details).
  7. Upload your publication file.
  8. Check the Additional Files box to upload a feature image and a Co-Author Submittal form if one is needed. You must check this box, even if you do not have any files to upload.
  9. Select Submit.
  10. Upload additional files if you have any.
  11. Select the Continue button in order to successfully submit your publication.

You will see a confirmation screen if you submitted correctly, and you will also receive an email confirming the submission.

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