Guest Reviewers

We are grateful for the expertise and time provided by the external guest reviewers:

Auburn University
Edward Sikora
LC “Fudd” Graham

Kansas State University
Sandy Johnson

North Carolina State University
Wayne Buhler
Rajan Parajuli

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Andrew Wyenandt

Virginia Tech
Douglas Pfeiffer
David B. Langston

University of Florida
Mathews L. Paret

University of Georgia
Jay T. Lessl
Wesley M. Porter
George Vellidis
Dennis W. Hancock
Pam Knox
Milton (Mickey) D. Taylor
Scott Monfort

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Xin Qiao

University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Andrew Griffith
Craig Harper

SC Department of Natural Resources
Charles Ruth

USDA Agricultural Research Service
Kenneth (Ken) C. Stone

Frank Henning



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