4-H Healthy Movers Curriculum

The Healthy Movers curriculum is designed for use in school-based and 4-H club settings with youth in grades 3-7. Special attention has been given to making these activities budget-friendly, easily conducted during a distance-learning or in-person 4-H setting, and adaptable for multiple age groups. In total, the curriculum provides approximately twelve hours of content delivery. Each module provides a Healthy Lifestyles lesson with a hands-on activity, a cooking skill, a recipe, and a physical activity challenge. The 4-H Pillar for this curriculum is Healthy Living, and the series number is SC 4-H HL:100. To download the curricula packet, select the Printable Version link above.

Program Goals and Objectives

Participants will adopt more behaviors for a healthier lifestyle by gaining an understanding of the importance of physical activity and reduced screen time, basic cooking skills and kitchen safety, and serving sizes and nutritional benefits of eating a balanced diet.

List of Lessons: Activity Titles

Module 1: Go, Slow, and Stop Drinks
Module 2: Vegetables
Module 3: Fruits
Module 4: Grains
Module 5: Protein
Module 6: Dairy
Module 7: Screen Time and Exercise
Module 8: Preparing a Meal

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